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NetFocus Projects

Tovitech has maximized the speed, stability, and efficiency of integrated control systems by meeting diverse customer needs with advanced technology and innovative solutions. They have been recognized for their technical prowess in various fields, from vehicle number recognition to highway spill detection systems and non-contact face recognition thermal detection systems. This represents Tovitech's innovative technology and forward-looking vision.

Project 1.

Integrated Control System
A lot of resources are needed for CCTV integrated control. Many devices are organically linked to increase efficiency. Tovitech has developed VMS / NVR / DVR / Wall systems in-house, maximizing speed, stability, and efficiency in integrated control. Currently, it is recognized for its quality through numerous accomplishments in public offices, military bases, banks, schools, and road corporations.

Project 2.

Vehicle Number Recognition Solution
It's a technology that recognizes the number of vehicles traveling at high speed. Installed at toll gates, it can identify vehicle numbers. This solution is currently installed and operated on highways.

Project 3.

Highway Spill Detection System
Many accidents occur on highways every year due to falling objects. Furthermore, secondary accidents can occur after the initial incident. Maintaining optimal road conditions is crucial for highway safety. Managers need to quickly identify situations like fallen objects or broken vehicles. The spill detection solution identifies the road's status in real-time and notifies automatically.

  • Fallen object detection
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Vehicle stop detection
  • Accident vehicle detection

Project 4.

Face Recognition Thermal Detection System
Non-contact temperature measurement is possible, and it can measure from a distance of 1 to 5 meters. It recognizes faces to measure the temperature. Simultaneously, it can check the temperature of multiple individuals.