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IP WaLL System

The NetFocus Wall System is integrated into the VMS. It is user-friendly for administrators. With the wall controller being distributed, each monitor operates independently, ensuring stable operation. Especially, when a malfunction occurs, not all monitors are affected. Thus, rapid maintenance is possible.

Key Features

Simple System Configuration
It is easily operated with integrated management in the VMS.

Diverse Layout Configuration
The layout configured in NetFocus VMS is reflected as it is in the Wall system.

Scale of the Wall System
The scale of NetFocus Wall is up to n x n, with no limits. It can be built from 1 to n units.

Multi-Wall System
You can save on construction and maintenance costs.

NetFocus VMS allows remote control of PCs or servers. This feature allows integrated operation of many devices in the center.

Rapid Maintenance
Each monitor (DID) is controlled by a distributed device, not by an integrated controller. When a malfunction occurs, the entire Wall system is not affected. Therefore, only the affected part needs to be replaced in case of a malfunction. The replacement method is simple, and the time required is short.

NetFocus WALL System

NetFocus WALL System
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