Standalone DVR
PC based DVR

Hybrid NH9000 series

- NH9004, 9008, 9016, 9025, 9032 ( 4, 8, 16, 25, 32CH)
- Support SD, HD, Full HD (IP Camera, Video Encoder)
   HD, Full HD, (HD-SDI Camera)
   D1, HD1, CIF (Analog Camera)
- Real time recording (NTSC MAX 30 fps/ch, PAL MAX 25 fps/ch
- H.264 compression / MPEG4 compression

* Network Monitoring through CMS, WebCMS CAMS
* Intelligent image enhancement features on night and bad weather monitoring mode
* Dual codec supportive for analog camera (MPEG4 or H.264)
* 2 way audio communication
* Auto PTZ tracking function along with fixed camera
* Monitor an individual camera image on the second monitor with full sized image
* fully integrated with NetFocus CAMS / CMS
* Mobile viewing on iPhone, Blackberry, 3G mobile phone
  System combination of analog or IP or HD-SDI cameras up 32CH
NH9000 series is able to combine analog, IP, HD-SDI cameras up to 32ch on one system. IP camera up to 32ch(4,8,16,32ch option), HD-SDI camera up to 8ch (4ch, 8ch option), Analog camera up to 16ch (4,8,16ch option)
  Intelligent Video Analytic built in
NH9000 series provides intelligent video analytics as a standard features such as people counting, crowd detection, appear/disappear detection, auto PTZ camera motion tracking, fixed camera motion tracking, number plate recognition(option). It helps to greatly increase the event detection accuracy as well as eliminating false alarms.
  High defined image quality for display and recording
NH9000 series support Full HD camera for real time recording up to 32ch. It provides a variety of the image quality setting for each solution ; maximum 2592*1955 for IP cameras, 720P, 1080I, 1080P for HD-SDI camera, 720*480(NTSC) for analog camera recording.
  Full integration with remote monitoring software and central monitoring server
NH9000 series is fully integrated with CMS, Web CMS as well as CMAS. It is able to view the live image through mobile phone application on android, iPhone, blackberry, symbian smart phone.
  Image Enhancement for Night and weather monitoring mode
NH9000 series provides intelligent image enhancement solution for night and bad weather monitoring mode such as foggy, rainy and snowy weather. Night mode image enhancement is able to see the exact object and figures without IR LED on the camera. (Optimized for specific IP cameras)
Tovitech face recognition is designed to detect in live video stream rather than by placing a photo in front of the camera, which able to prevent security breach by determining whether a face in a live stream is live or photograph.

NetFocus Live Face recognition capabilities are :
It performs fast and accurate detection of multiple faces in live video streams and still images.
A conventional face identification system can be tricked by placing a photo in front of the camera, but it is able to prevent this kind of security breach by determining whether a face in a video stream is live or a photograph.
The facial feature points can be optionally extracted as a set of their coordinates after the face is detected on the image. Each facial feature points have a fixed sequence number.
Its face template matching algorithm can compare up to 420,000 faces per second, and each template is only 4kb, thus the application can handle large face database. Larger templates can be used to increase matching reliability.
It collects the generalized face features from several images of the same subject. Then, each face image is processed, features are extracted, and the collections of features are analyzed and combined into a single generalized features collection, which is written in to the data base.
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