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CAMS is designed based on video verification technology through seamless integration with all NetFocus product ranges. It is automatic alarm monitoring server allows the creation of complete end to end workflows for the monitoring, assignment, and acknowledgement of alarms.
With high efficient stream management, it can accommodate analogue and digital IP cameras and encoders with both audio and video data through dynamic networks,

CAMS provides the ability to build a hybrid monitoring center that allows a budget conscious migration from analog to digital.

CAMS is not only for multi-server, multisite video surveillance systems but also with a focus on usability. Its powerful tools and intuitive user interface allows operators to efficient evaluate and respond to events, and leverage the efficiency of central monitoring process.
CAMS system configuration
CAMS Advantages
Scalable live and alarm event monitoring
Live and alarm event monitoring are available at the same time and it provides the complete operation tool of alarm event monitoring for the monitoring, assignment and acknowledgement of the alarm event with it’s priority.
On-line remote management of system status and security
Efficient network management and remote viewing instant report overall abnormal system status including system hardware condition, and any access to the system of user and action they make. It can maintain the system working condition and enable faster and accurate response for system abnormal working by operators and on-site engineers.
Centralized data and storage management
Integrated backup and restore functionality allows multiple sites to securely transfer the data to the central storage on a defined schedule or instantly.
In addition, you can allocate the storage for the specific sites in the center for efficient data management.
Efficient network management and remote viewing
Optimized image size and quality allows to manage the network bandwidth efficiently. Event triggered streaming is able to use the minimum network bandwidth as well as monitor over a low bandwidth wide area through standard web browser and compatible mobile device.
Seamless integration with all NetFocus product ranges
All NetFocus product ranges from analogue to IP, PC DVR, standalone, IP camera, IP encoder, etc are fully integrated, and it provide various choices for each installation site as well as ablility to build up a hybrid monitoring center to migrate analogue and digital solutions.
Scalable integration with 3rd party technology and IT infrastructure
With flexible and scalable open system, we provide API that easily integrated with other system such as ATM, POS, SCADA. It allows security professionals to meet current infrastructure requirement while benefiting from a new level of video surveillance performance.
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