Standalone DVR
PC based DVR

NS2000N Eco series

- NS2004N(4CH) : 960H Real Time (120fps/NTSC,100fps/PAL)
- NS2008N(8CH) : 960H Real Time (240fps/NTSC,200fps/PAL)
- NS2016N(16CH) : 960H Real Time (480fps/NTSC,400fps/PAL)

* Network Monitoring through CMS, WebCMS CAMS
* Mobile viewing on mobile phone (iPhone, Android)
* E-mail alarm notification
* Watermarking technology
* Digital Zoom/ PIP/ POP
* Software and Hardware watchdog
* 2 way audio communication
* IP filtering (Only allowed IP address access to system)
* Backup data protection by virtual password
* Covert camera mode on DVR and CMS (Hidden camera)
* PTZ remote control
* Penta-Plex operation mode
* Video loss detection
  Mirroring backup (RAID 1)
Our DVR support mirroring backup (RAID 1) that writes two copies of the data simultaneously on two separate HDD to protect data in case of HDD failure.
  H.264 Compression and image technology
With H.264 new compression image technology, NS series perform the very highest image quality, and significantly increase storage capability, It allows to increase accuracy of video analysis, and reduce the data storage requirement.
  WiFi event monitoring by mobile phone
NS series provide a variety of system control through incorporation with wireless network. It allows to monitor the video anywhere through wireless 3G mobile phone, web browsing and CMS. It expends the monitoring service boundary out of wired network
  Dual Streaming
NS series are the professional network DVR performing dual streaming which provides two different setting of the parameter for live monitoring stream, and recording stream. It allow to manage the efficient storage and data transmission for network viewing.
  Private zone protection
NS series provide efficient privacy protection solution that it transforms and scramble to conceal the regions of the interest in the live video image. Scrambling is flexible and allows the adjusting the amount of distortion by user. It can be adapted based on environment of the user and protect their privacy efficiently.
  Scheduled event alarm alert by e-mail
NS series detect the alarm event detected by motion or sensor and alert to the user by e-mail. In addition, you can define the schedule for notification, so user can efficiently receive the event notification.
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